Un hommage au dernier habitant de Dramonasc

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A homage to the last inhabitant of the village Dramonasc, who died about two years ago, and to his remains.

First page in a series about the Ubaye valley and its inhabitants at the end of the 20.th century.

Ubaye, 07-Mar-2003

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1: His communication central: radio and telephone
2: His washing room
3: His washing room mirror with the Dormillouse mountain in reflection
4: His drying trousers; he will come back when his time has come.

"But in the loneliest wilderness happeneth the second metamorphosis:
here the spirit becometh a lion; freedom will it capture, and lordship in its own wilderness."
-- quote "THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA", Friedrich Nietzsche.

5: His house and the view to the Peyron mountain
6: His abandonned bee-hive
7: His bucket - it appears that he had the habit to hang some used tools and clothings on the branches of the trees around his house to discourage bad spirits.
8: His Car - waiting for the next technical inspection
9: View west: maybe due to a hole in the dam of the lake in 2003, the lake is almost waterless

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Feedback Reponse
Ton reportage est bon, ne manque pas d'humour. La premiàre photo m'indique que d'autres sont passés - je n'ai jamais rien vu de tel chez Auguste. A la réflexion il me semble qu'un jour il m'avait parlé de radio mais c'est tràs vague dans mon esprit. Le téléphone est tres vieux - comme son appareil radio, qui a par exemple "Monte Ceneri" sur l'echelle.
La derniàre photo montre Costeplane que tu as dû prendre des Clos ? C'est correct. J'ai pris cette photo depuis la maison abandonnée entre Dramonasc et Costeplane - comme la photo avec la voiture (Auguste n'avait pas de voiture, je crois).

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