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"... It explains why unemployment and welfare dependency are so good at making people ill. No alpha-male monkey was ever such an intransigent and implacable controller of subordinates' lives as the social services of the state are of people dependent on welfare."
-- Quote from Matt Ridley's "Genome" (pp 156).

[my German translation] "... Das erklärt, warum Arbeitslosigkeit und Sozialhilfeabhängigkeit so erfolgreich sind, Leute krank zu machen. Kein Alpha-Affenmännchen war jemals ein so unversöhnlicher und unerbittlicher Überwacher des Lebens von Untergebenen, wie die Sozialbehörden es sind ueber Leute, die von Sozialhilfe abhängen."

Photos du Col St. Jean - St. Leger

Alpes Ubayensis, Alpes de Haute Provence, Southern France

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"... The economy is such a [interconnected] system [that have no control centers]. The illusion that economies run better if somebody is put in charge of them - and decides what gets manufactured where and when - has done devasting harm to the wealth and health of peoples all over the world, not just in the Soviet Union, but in the west as well."
-- Quote from Matt Ridley's "Genome".

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Photos du Col St. Jean (1333m) - St. Leger, Alpes Ubayensis en automn 2001. Randonnée depuis les Chabrands (1160m), vers St. Leger, St. Jean, par la route forestière à St. Vincent-les-Forts et retour aux Chabrands, total time 3 hours, from 12:30 to 15:30 (you might not be able to make it in this time; in addition the start of the trail over the creek via le Chateau vers St. Leger is not easy to find).

Click on the images to enlarge:

1: St. Vincent-les-Forts depuis les Chabrands
2: Cirque de Morgon depuis le Chateau (1326m)
4: la vue ouest en arrivant au Lac St. Leger
5: Lac de St. Leger (1308m)
6: L'eglise St. Leger
7: Des paturages au Col St. Leger
8: L'eglise St. Leger, vue sud-ouest
10: Dormillouse (2505m)
11: Vue nord-ouest depuis la route forestière en arrivant à St. Vincent-les-Forts
12: Le centre du village St. Vincent-les-Forts
13: Une nouvelle construction (voir photo no. 12) - sans commentaire
14: En face, une autre nouvelle construction - mais ca sert a quoi?


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